Yeti Challenges - Why going that crazy & lucky ?

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Yeti Challenges - Why going that crazy & lucky ?

Postby johnnyhenderson » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:25 pm

I agree, some are fun, original and challenging on trying to find the best line possible to be somewhere on the leaderboards, then eventually tweaking it over and over. But most of them are just horribly frustrating for no reason. Hard ? Nah... G intensive, lucky landing, lucky everything, rock riding, impossible control, reset button smashing (for hours) after just 5sec because oh, you have to jump at the start in a rock hole to luckily land and stop right away in some lucky manner. I dont mind reseting all the time, since its how the game play (thank you G Force), but the more Yeti Challenges are created, the more they are getting crazier an crazier, thinking its the only way to impress people and give them a good and challenging thing to do ! Something can be hard without involving luck... At least not that much.

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